Are you a nonprofit?

Gala is a product by InTent Social Innovation, Ltd. which is a social impact startup company, and not an NGO. We believe that in order to be able to provide our customers with constantly evolving, cutting-edge, quality products that can create a global impact - we need to operate in the private sector. We want to ensure our own sustainability so we can continue to provide our superb services and create the most impact for our users and beneficiaries. That being said, we we will always try to ensure costs and fees are the lowest possible for our users, so that we can maximize your contributions and ensure they reach the causes you are passionate about in full.

What does Gala BETA mean?

Gala BETA is the embodiment of all of the first super important tools and features we want to introduce to you. This is the first trial version of our platform made available for testing by a limited number of users, companies and nonprofits, in order to allow us to learn from our pioneer users and perfect the product before we officially launch. Nevertheless, the money used and donations made during Gala BETA are 100% real. We’ll be creating impact from day one!

Who can participate in Gala?

Gala Beta is open to a select number of individual users and businesses with 50 or more employees. If you are looking for an entirely new and improved donation or CSR experience that will enable you to make real impact - contact us for entry to the greatest gala in the world!

Since we are in Beta, we are operating in Israel and the USA exclusively. Once we officially launch, we’ll gradually roll out to additional countries. If you’re a private user, nonprofit or business outside of these countries, we’re happy to put you on our waiting list and contact you as soon as we’re ready to roll out to your country.

How does Gala work?

Gala is built with donor needs in mind. We wanted to create an entirely new, enjoyable, easy and impact-oriented giving experience for you!

To begin, sign up (entirely for free!) and create your account. All givers on Gala have their very own “Gala Fund” to which they can load as much or as little money as they’d like to dedicate to social causes. Once the money is in your fund, you can begin to explore Gala’s curated nonprofits, and utilize our impact tools for smart and meaningful donations. When you find a nonprofit to support - you can donate directly to them, and 100% of that donation will reach your chosen organization. You’ll be able to access reports and data about your donations, and we’ll even help you in your tax returns process so you can get the most benefit out of your donations!

How much does it cost?

We believe in transparency, and want to get the money to where it matters - smart, effective nonprofits. Gala charges a 4% transaction fee, to cover third party credit card costs, when you charge your Fund with money. For individual users, this is the only time fees are charged, which means that when you make a donation to a nonprofit out of your fund - 100% of the donation amount goes directly to them!

If you are a company using Gala for Business, there are additional (competitive!) SaaS fees depending on the number of employees.

I can’t find my favorite nonprofit on Gala - how can they be added to your database?

We are constantly working to add high-quality and effective nonprofits to our curated database. If you would like to nominate an organization, contact us with the name and contact details of the nonprofit, and we’ll message them with the opportunity to join Gala

The nonprofits that you see on Gala have actively asked to join and provided complete and accurate information on who they are and the work they do. Validating and evaluating the impact of every nonprofit on Gala is incredibly important to us, and we take the time to work with each nonprofit individually to ensure donors have all the information they need in order to make meaningful impact.

What does the impact score in a nonprofit profile mean?

Gala aims to elevate the discussion about the type of work nonprofits do and the impact they create. We want to move forward to a deeper understanding of sustainability of the civil sector. Therefore, upon joining - every nonprofit on Gala is required to fill out an in-depth Impact report relating to activities, numbers, self-evaluation and management, financial sustainability and more. Our proprietary system turns their answers into an Impact chart which showcases an evaluation of the types of Impact that nonprofit creates. For more information on the gala Impact Chart click here

How is Gala different than other online giving platforms?

Gala enables small-dollar donors to professionalize their philanthropy, in a way that maximizes the impact of every donation no matter how big or small it is. We achieve this by positioning donors, whether they’re company employees or individual users, in the center of our focus, and providing them with a superior product that truly caters to all of their needs. This includes more relevant information about the causes they want to support, features and tools that enable them to make smart and (really) easy donations, calculate and manage tax returns, tools to evaluate the impact each user creates, and above all - a cutting edge visual and emotional experience. We want to bring the joy into social impact, and engage employees and users in a movement of giving.

For nonprofits:

There are hundreds of giving platforms - why should I join Gala?

First and foremost, we want you to be financially sustainable and receive as many resources as possible. With Gala, you receive 100% of the donation amount directed by our users. No hidden costs, fees, or secrets. How does this work? See “How much does it cost” above.

Second, as opposed to campaign-based platforms, Gala requires zero effort from nonprofits who join the platform. Once we receive the necessary initial information, our marketing and business teams (and more importantly, users!) do the rest of the work so the nonprofits can continue doing the amazing work they need to focus on. Because we believe philanthropic resources need to be sustainable, to allow you to strategize, plan ahead, develop talent and offer fair wages and working conditions, we echo these messages in all of our marketing and promotional materials in order to achieve a new norm in philanthropy.

Third, because of our unique impact evaluation system, only effective and smart nonprofits are included in our database and showcased to users, so the better work you do, the more resources you will receive from our ever-growing crowd.

Finally, we focus on the private sector, in order to revolutionize the culture of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility alike. But we don’t stop there. We offer a unique value to businesses who choose to offer Gala to their employees, thus tapping into the power of private sector financial growth, in order to benefit your work, and in turn help tackle the complex issues you take upon yourselves.

How do I receive donations made through Gala to my nonprofit?

Donations made by different users throughout the month are lumped and paid out to each nonprofit that received donations at the beginning of the next month. This helps massively reduce the costs for you, and increase the effectiveness of each small donation. Payments are usually made as bank transfers directly to your nonprofit’s account. Once the first donation is received for a new NGO, we will contact you and get all the required details.

Will I need to issue receipts for the donations made to my nonprofit?

Yes (for now). Upon receiving the previous month’s donation report, which includes the donors’ name (unless anonymous) and donated amount, you will be required to issue receipts for each donation and send them back to us. We will then issue them to each donor individually. We are constantly working to improve and digitize our financial services, and will update all registered nonprofits once we upgrade this process.

Is there a service fee subtracted from the donation received?

Absolutely not! You receive 100% of the donation amount without any service fee subtracted.

I couldn’t find my nonprofit on Gala - can I join?

We are so excited that you’d like to join Gala! Please contact us stating you are a nonprofit and we’ll take it from there. Upon joining - you will be required to complete a one-time questionnaire (shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes) with questions about your nonprofit, the work that you do, and some assessment questions about the impact your nonprofit creates. Currently, Gala is onboarding vetted nonprofits from Israel and the USA, but we are planning to grow to other countries in the future. We’re happy to already have your information on standby and your profile ready as soon as we are ready to launch in new locations.

If you have any additional questions - please contact us at support@galagiving.com